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Madfinger Games confirm a couple more details about Shadowgun: Deadzone

We all know that Madfinger Games’ newest multiplayer shooter is coming on the 15th November, but now they have also announced that the full game will be released with 10 playable characters, 6 maps and will be played across 2 game modes (deathmatch and capture point).

Hopefully this game will get regular updates as 3 maps per mode (if split this way) is not many, but for a free game that both looks and plays better than any other Android shooter on the Play store, I guess we can forgive for now. Still, combining this with all of the other features Shadowgun: Deadzone will be coming with such as voice chat, it should be a pretty solid game right from the jump.

With the successful Beta almost over, will you be downloading the full game?  What do you hope will be added in the future to this top shooter?  Please comment below.

Developer Website: Madfinger Games

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