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Music-driven bullet hell shooter, Beat Hazard Ultra, arrives in Beta form for you to download

On Steam for PC, Beat Hazard has become one of the best Indie games, and now you can try the Android beta version before it hits the Play store. There are plenty of “bullet hell” shooters on Android, but Beat Hazard Ultra takes it to another level. You can pick your own music track to play while in game, and this then influences the difficulty of the level.

Play a nice mellow song and you can calmly shoot away, but play a little rock or metal and you are in for a manic few minutes with the screen filling will bullets and power-ups until you finally are destroyed or make it to the end of the song. You play using on screen dual-sticks which makes this great to control, similar to PewPew (another one of my favorite games).

The beta version for Android is available from Cold Beam’s website now in a free APK file. You need to be running 2.3 and the website shows it working on a HTC Explorer, so you don’t need the most powerful phone to run this either. Some features of the game have been disabled for the beta though such as:

– Songs stop at 50% complete
– Perks are not saved
– IAP will flag an error, but you will still be able to buy them at no charge
– Some of the larger ships, bosses and games modes have been disabled

Keep that in mind while playing the beta. Hopefully the full version will be made available soon but this should keep you busy in the mean time. What do you think of this game? Will you buy it when the full game is released? Check out the trailer above to see the game in action and possibly enjoy a seizure while you’re at it.

Developer Website: Cold Bean Games

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