Day: November 19, 2012


TeePee Games unveils GamesGrabr, a Pinterest-style service for games

TeePee Games have unveiled a project that they have been working on for awhile behind closed doors called GamesGrabr, or gamesGRABR if you want to get technical with the spelling. What this service offers up is a Pinterest-style social network, pretty much like Pinterest, but completely geared towards games and gamers. This platform will span across multiple platforms to include games from consoles, PC, Android and iOS. GamesGrabr will also have a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices when it officially launches.


GREE to officially shut down OpenFeint as of December 14th

Interesting news in the world of extra services developers can integrate into their games such as achievements and other unlockable content. GREE, who purchase OpenFeint last year, has decided to shut down OpenFeint as of December 14th, 2012 in favor for their own service. This means iOS and Android games who have OpenFeint integrated into it need to decide whether or not to move over to GREE’s own service or leave to another one instead.


Xelorians gets updated with some new content to explore

One of our previous Hidden Gems we’ve written about was in regards to a game called Xelorians by AXL-Dynamics. For those of you who missed our post back then about Xelorians, this is a rather great little space shooter that had a nice amount of eye candy to enjoy while blasting aliens out of space. One thing the game did need however was more content since back when we wrote about it, it only had 6 stages to go through.