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TeePee Games unveils GamesGrabr, a Pinterest-style service for games

TeePee Games have unveiled a project that they have been working on for awhile behind closed doors called GamesGrabr, or gamesGRABR if you want to get technical with the spelling. What this service offers up is a Pinterest-style social network, pretty much like Pinterest, but completely geared towards games and gamers. This platform will span across multiple platforms to include games from consoles, PC, Android and iOS. GamesGrabr will also have a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices when it officially launches.

We can’t help but be a little excited about the whole concept, especially since we use Pinterest to share deals and sale along with new game releases for Android. However, there really isn’t a dedicated section for gaming on Pinterest so having a service completely geared towards gaming is a great idea.

GamesGrabr expands on the whole Pinterest concept a bit more than just sharing games you like or anything gaming related like tips and tricks. While you are able to create your own lists just as you can with Pinterest, users will also be able to have instant access to some of these games across mobile, Facebook and the web. This is due TeePee Games’s affiliate deals with a number of publishers and developers that exist already.

As of right now, GamesGrabr is slated for launch in Q1 2013 and when it does launch, it will have a dedicated app for both Android and iOS users as well. For those of you interested in this service, even though it isn’t officially available right now, you can sign up on the website to reserve your username and all that good stuff as well as to be notified the day it goes live.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Official Website: GamesGrabr

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