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Amazon releases plug-ins for their Mobile App SDK and Unity3D for in-app purchasing

Amazon has release new plug-ins for the Unity3D engine which will allow developers to easily integrate Amazon’s in-app purchasing and Amazon’s GameCircle APIs into games being developed using the Unity engine. While this was possible already, it certainly was a lot harder and took a lot more time to integrate these features into Unity built games that were slated for release onto Amazon’s AppStore.

According to Amazon, the new plug-ins will allow developers to rapidly integrate Amazon’s in-app purchasing and GameCircle APIs in to their games instead of doing it the long drawn out way that developers had to do it before these plug-ins existed. For those of you interested in getting a hold of these new plug-ins to use, they are now included for free in an updated version of the Amazon Mobile App SDK which is now available for download right now. The plug-ins also come with step-by-step instructions on how to use them and integrate either service into your Unity built game.

Website Referenced: Amazon AppStore Dev Blog

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