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SteelSeries Free mobile gaming controller on sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

While you sift through all the games on sale as well as Android devices this weekend, SteelSeries has also put on a bit of a sale. In fact all of their products on their web store are at least 30% off and that includes the two mobile gaming products the company has recently released. Both the SteelSeries Free mobile gaming controller and the SteelSeria Flux headset are on sale this weekend only.

If you’ve been waiting to pick up the SteelSeries Free mobile gaming controller while it is on sale, now is a good time to do so. For this weekend only the SteelSeries Free controller is on sale for $55.99 instead of its regular price of $79.99. If you are looking for a matching headset that is geared towards gaming, both at home and on mobile devices, the SteelSeries Flux is also on sale for this weekend only.

The SteelSeries Flux headset is a gaming-centric headset that was made for both at home gaming as well as mobile gaming. It is available in two colors, White and Black, which is good considering all the Android devices coming in White these days. You can also customize the the headset with a secondary color with switchable side plates and other accessories. While the SteelSeries Flux headset is regularly priced at $99.99, for this weekend only you can pick up a pair for $69.99 instead.

This sale ends after Monday November 26th, 2012 (a.k.a Cyber Monday). After that both products will jump back up to their normal pricing. You can also expect a review from us on both of these products in the very near future. This is for the US SteelSeries web store only.

Official Websites: SteelSeries Free controller | SteelSeries Flux Headset

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