Day: 27 November 2012


Dragon Slayer Review: More swiping action, but is it fun?

Dragon Slayer, a new Infinity Blade-esque game brought to us by Glu is yet another take on the “swipe, swipe, swipe, push a button, swipe, spend money” genre of gaming that seems to be the only thing I happen to have the misfortune of coming across on the Google Play market. Bear in mind that I come from a background of covering — and loving — independent titles, so covering games that are essentially re-skins of a game that came out years ago is a bit depressing.


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will take a bit longer for release, sequel revealed

It seems it might take a bit longer for Baldur’s Gate: Enhance Edition to get to Android due to a recent issue that has crept up that was found when Apple rejected the game’s submission onto iOS. Having been fixed, the iOS version has been resubmitted to Apple for approval, putting the release of the game into next week. However, the issue is a cross-platform one which means the Android version currently in development also needs to be fixed.


Square Enix’s Demons Score THD hits the Square Enix Market in Japan, on the way soon worldwide?

Square Enix’s rhythm-based action game Demons Score THD has just landed on the Square Enix Market for Japanese residents who own an Android device. Could this mean we will be seeing it soon as a worldwide release for Android users, not just in Japan? It looks like that possibility is on the horizon and it could be even today since Square Enix did confirm that Demons Score THD would be released worldwide.


The Nexus 4 will be back on say on Google Play today as Noon PST

For US Residents who missed out on when the Nexus 4 originally went on sale on Google Play, mostly due to the checkout process crashing and generally not working properly due to all the traffic, there is some more good news for you this morning as well. Google has announced that the Nexus 4 will be going back on sale today at Noon PST. Unfortunately this is for US residents only so anyone else waiting to get one outside of the USA have to wait a bit longer.


Reviews on Google Play will now display your Google+ profile

Good news for Android developers this morning who are a bit sick of facing the trolls on the Google Play store who leaving rather harsh comments in the reviews section of any given listing on Google Play. It was mentioned that this would be arriving and it is now here where should you leave a review on the Google Play store, it will post your name that you use on your Google+ account along with your profile picture. This is a mandatory new Google+ integration and should you not have a Google+ account, you won’t be able to leave comments and reviews.