Day: 29 November 2012


Massive 16-bit retro RPG called Pier Solar HD reaches Kickstarter goal, could arrive on Android and OUYA

A massive retro-style 16-bit RPG called Pier Solar HD is up on Kickstarter looking for funding to finish the game. Originally designed for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis as Pier Solar, this new HD version is slated for release on the Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux and the Dreamcast. Yes, that is correct, the Dreamcast. So why are we reporting on this? Because the Kickstarter project, which is fully funded, is less than $25,000 away from reaching its stretch goal which would bring Pier Solar HD to Android and OUYA with 5 days left to go.


Electronic Arts launches a dedicated widget for their EA Daily Deals

Based off of their Daily Deals website, Electronic Arts has developed and released a dedicated widget that will deliver up-to-the-minute listings of deals straight to the home screen on your Android device. When you launch the widget, you will have a scrolling list of deals that, when you click on the one you’re interested in, will take you right to the appropriate page so you can snap up a copy of that game quickly before the deal ends.


Poll: What are your thoughts about Google+ Profiles being mandatory for leaving reviews?

Earlier this week, Google quietly introduced a pretty big change in the way we leave reviews on the Play Store. No longer are we able to anonymously post reviews – we must now do so using our Google+ profiles, with our full name and photo on display for the whole world to see (this has not been rolled to all Android devices though just yet, but the web version already requires your Google+ profile).


Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny will have you saving the world once again

Another big game release has arrived this morning, this time coming from the fine folks over at Gamevil. Originally slated for release on Google Play a couple of weeks ago, for whatever reason the release of Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny was delayed. Luckily the delay wasn’t that long because Zenonia 5 has now landed on Google Play, giving us yet another addition to the Action-RPG series from Gamevil.