Day: November 30, 2012

Game News

Gameloft confirms new release date for Heroes of Order & Chaos for Android

Last week Gameloft released their rather highly anticipated MOBA game, called Heroes of Order & Chaos, onto iOS with the Android release slated to launch at the same time. However, due to some server issues, the Android version was delayed while Gameloft worked on fixing those issues. Our friends over at Gameloft just dropped us a note to let us know that improvements have been made and a new release date for the Android version has been confirmed.

Game News

Microsoft’s Xbox Smartglass updated with 7″ tablet support and bug fixes

The recently released Xbox Smartglass application from Microsoft received an update yesterday that brings with it support for 7″ Android tablets. Up until now the Xbox Smartglass application was only available for Android phones and even then it wasn’t every phone but at least it was available for a good portion of them. Tablets, on the other hand, were completely left out in the dark.

Game News

Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour getting close to release?

This morning there are a few hints that Gameloft’s newest addition to the Modern Combat series could be on its way to Google Play real soon. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the next installment into the series and has been heavily covered over the past couple of months while we wait for its release. It now looks like we may not have much longer to wait and here is why we are thinking this.