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Duke Nukem 3D from Machineworks Northwest free on Amazon today

Even though Duke Nukem 3D for Android has been out for some time now, if you haven’t picked it up for whatever reason but have wanted to then you may be in luck today. Amazon’s free app of the day today is the bubble gum chewing, ass kicking hero’s game from Machineworks Northwest.

Duke Nukem 3D for Android is a pretty faithful recreation of the PC version of the game for mobile devices where you will be playing as the main man himself, blasting away aliens while saying all of his catch-phrases and enjoying all the old school visuals at the same time. There are plenty of aliens to kill, weapons to use to kill the aliens with and lots of levels to do all o this in.

The game isn’t without its flaws though, the main one being the game’s controls which have always needed some fixing and optimization done to them. Still, buggy controls aside, Duke Nukem 3D for Android is a decently entertaining game, especially if you’re a fan of the series throughout all the years it has been around. If you have access to the Amazon AppStore and don’t already own this game, you can snap up a copy of Duke Nukem 3D for free for today only.

Amazon Market Link: Duke Nukem 3D for Android

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