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eFusion announces a new MMORPG heading to Android called Murim Wars

eFusion GmbH and 4Plat has announced that they will be releasing a new MMORPG onto Android in December called Murim Wars. This particular MMORPG seems to focus heavily on PvP gameplay although there is plenty of PvE (player versus environment) content coming with it as well. So what is this upcoming MMORPG about? Evil clans taking over the world.

When a player joins the game they will either have the option to start up their own guild or join an existing one. From there it is all about leveling up, upgrading your battle skills and taking on other players in real-time combat. There are also plenty of computer AI opponents to deal with as well should you not be into the whole PvP type of gameplay. Everything takes place in Europe and the overall goal is to become the strongest guild/clan in the game. Aside from joining a guild, or creating your own, you will also be prompted to pick which nation in Europe you want to represent, so there is almost a double faction wars layout to Murim Wars.

Murim Wars Features:

• Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Role Playing Game for Android
• Fight other players LIVE
• FREE and Paid updates with new missions, weapons, techniques, spells, and more
• Collect rare and powerful loot items
• Innovative Clan, Guild and contribution system
• Bring your friends into your clan to make you stronger
• Chat with other players
• Live customer support
• Community center include web site and forum

When in a guild, there happens to be both a chat system and a message board system in which you can use to communicate to other guild members. The combat system allows for players to either attack rival guilds and their members or to defends members who are a part of their current guild if they are attacked.

Murim Wars is close to being release as well with a launch date of December 13th, 2012. When it does launch, it will be available on both iOS and Android so the player population should be pretty solid right from the start. Unfortunately we don’t have any real screenshots to share with you at this time but when we get some we will post an update.

Developer Website: eFusion | 4Plat (Korean)

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