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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour getting close to release?

This morning there are a few hints that Gameloft’s newest addition to the Modern Combat series could be on its way to Google Play real soon. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the next installment into the series and has been heavily covered over the past couple of months while we wait for its release. It now looks like we may not have much longer to wait and here is why we are thinking this.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour actually has an official website for it which has been continuously updated throughout the entire development process. As they game progresses in development, the site has had additional information about the game, the weapons and perks, the specialties and so on unlocked slowly. Last time we talked about some of the content on the website a few weeks back, only about half of the content was unlocked. Now pretty much everything is unlocked except for two game modes. This means it is also a good time to read up on everything before the game is released.

While this is a good sign that Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is close to release, it really is more of an assumption based on how things have been going with the official website and how Gameloft is using it as sort of a measuring stick for the game’s release. However, what is a bit more of a solid piece of evidence that the game is going to be released soon is the fact that we’ve gotten multiple tips this morning that the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour APK file has been leaked out. This could be just an early build (although it is apparently 2GB is size) of Modern Combat 4 but we doubt it.

Obviously we won’t be linking to the leaked APK or even using it ourselves to check the game out and give you, our readers, a preview of the game. We don’t condone this sort of thing or piracy plus getting APK files from pirate sites vastly increases the risk of having your Android device pillaged by malware. We also encourage you to wait for the official game release and not go looking for the leaked APK.

Supporting game developers, big or small, fosters a healthy ecosystem for Android. However, it does point to the game’s release being fairly close. We it does land on Google Play, we will be sure to let everyone know.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Official Website: Modern Combat

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