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Squish monsters and roll Fat Peddles in a land of clay in Clay Jam

Zynga’s newest release is a rather interesting game called Clay Jam where you are charged with guiding Fat Pebble down a hit, squashing monsters along the way. As you squish monsters, Fat Pebble will grow in size. This is because everything in Clay Jam is made entirely of clay and so when you run over a monster, squishing them in the process, they actually end up sticking to you.

When you reach the bottom of the hill, you will meet the Bully Beasts who happen to be threatening the land and have trapped some good monsters. You’ll need to collect enough clay on the way down the hill to rescue the captive clay monsters. As you may be guessing, since everything is made of clay, all the animations and visuals are done in clay-mation.

Clay Jam Features:

● EVERYTHING is made from real clay
● A unique ‘gouge’ control system
● Lots of peculiar characters to meet
● Squash, roll and bounce down the hills
● More than 20 hand-made monsters to find
● 5 amazingly strange hills to rebuild
● 5 fearsome Bully Beasts to defeat
● Brilliantly original music
● Fantastically funny sound effects
● Family-friendly weirdness

Clay Jam is actually somewhat of a weird game but that is what makes it fun and interesting to play. It is also something different than the norm coming from Zynga. If you’re wanting to check this game out, you can do so by downloading a copy of it for free off of Google Play. It does contain in-game purchases but they are not needed to play the entire game through.

Google Play Link: Clay Jam

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