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Stolen Couch Games announces Castaway Paradise, a new sim game coming in 2013

Stolen Couch Games has announced a new casual sim game called Castaway Paradise which was inspired by similar games of this nature such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. While there is definitely an influence seen from those two games in Castaway Paradise, there is also a lot of different features, content and customization to make it a unique game all on its own.

Castaway Paradise will have players interacting with villagers who will offer up an endless stream of quests and activities to do. In this game you can customize your character, decorate your own island and become friends with the peculiar villagers. On top of that, you will also be able to farm, fish, catch bugs, earn money, plant trees, collect and use hundreds of unique items. You will also be able to buy and build hundreds of things such as fences, hats, shoes, tables, flagpoles, wells, umbrella’s and so on.

Instead of the usual top-down perspective, Castaway Paradise switches it up a bit, zooming in when talking to other villagers or when you’re performing tasks. This game also features some decent cel-shaded 3D visuals to round it all out. As of right now, Castaway Paradise is slated for release sometime in 2013 so until then, if you’re a fan of these casual sim games, you can check out the trailer below.

Developer Website: Stolen Couch Games

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