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GungHo Online releases their Puzzle-RPG called Puzzle & Dragons

GungHo Online, the developers behind a few successful games both on mobile and online, have released a new game today that is one of those puzzle-RPG hybrids called Puzzle & Dragons. Originally released earlier this year in Japan, Puzzle & Dragons is your standard great looking match-3 puzzle-RPG game where combat takes place through rounds of match-3 puzzles.

Where this game is slightly different is in how you can match three or more orbs. Usually you can only move one orb, or whatever it is in any particular puzzle-RPG title, one space but in this game you can move an orb as far as you want to make three of the same orbs adjacent from each other.

Puzzle & Dragons Features:

– SIMPLE YET ENGROSSING GAMEPLAY: Match 3 or more Orbs of the same color to attack your enemies. Unlike most puzzle games, you can move an Orb as far as you want. Try to make as many Combos as you can!
– EPIC BATTLES WITH TONS OF DIFFERENT MONSTERS: Match the mystical Orbs and watch your Monsters attack. String together as many Combos as you can to unleash a devastating attack!
– MONSTERS ASSEMBLE: Collect tons of unique Monsters and assemble the best possible team. You can use 1 Leader and up to 4 Ally Monsters as you explore dungeons.
– POWER-UP AND EVOLVE: Monsters grow stronger by “Fusion.” Using different combinations of ingredients, you can Power-up your Monsters or try Evolve Fusion to make your team incredibly powerful.
– EXPLORE DUNGEONS WITH FRIENDS: You can make Friends in game or invite your real friends by using their ID. Everyone can enjoy the world of Puzzle & Dragons together!

Another interesting feature of this game is the fact that it works a lot like a TCG title. You can collect monsters who will fight for/with you and you can raise them through experience, growing them stronger and stronger. You can also pull ‘fusion’ moves, combining two monsters together to make a more powerful one.

Puzzle & Dragons is a pretty big hybrid of a game, taking mechanics from multiple genres and wrapping an RPG title around it all. You can download this game off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Puzzle & Dragons

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