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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade flies onto Google Play

A couple of weeks ago we talked about a rather unique looking Final Fantasy game that would be coming to Android but instead of Square Enix publishing it, they teamed up with DeNA instead who then published it on their Mobage social gaming platform. The game we are talking about is Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade and you will either love it or hate it.

For the hardcore Final Fantasy fan, this particular addition to the franchise might not be your cup of tea, especially if you are expecting a full-fledged Final Fantasy game. If you go into this with knowledge of what the Mobage social gaming platform is and what type of games are on there, you will probably end up liking this game. So what is it exactly that you will be doing in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade?

Players will be cooperating with each other and adventuring through a world inspired by the popular Final Fantasy series. Each player will have their own airship and you will be able to team up with other players to form groups called airborne brigades. Once in a group, you will be able to take on powerful bosses in order to gain experience, get loot and level up.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Features:

– Collect cards featuring major characters from FINAL FANTASY.
– Join forces with friends and compete against others to become the top brigade!
– Explore quest areas, battle bosses, meet chocobos and gain levels!
– Regular events offering exclusive legendary weapons!

A majority of the content is heavily inspired in one way or another from previous Final Fantasy games. Everything from weapons and items to abilities and jobs/classes are in this game that are inspired by other Final Fantasy titles. Since this game is on the Mobage social gaming platform, you are able to go ahead and grab a copy of the game for free off of Google Play.

One last thing to note as well, this English translated version seemed to only be available for residents of North America. As of right now, we are not sure if any other locations can download it. If you can grab this game and happen to live outside of North America, let us know in the comments below so other people interested in getting this game can download it.

Google Play Link: Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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