Day: 18 December 2012


Zen Pinball drops its Tegra exclusivity, now available for select non-Tegra devices

Zen Studios happens to be the developers behind one of the two main pinball platforms on Android called Zen Pinball. Up until now the official name of their platform was Zen Pinball THD but if you go to the Google Play listing now it will show up as Zen Pinball HD. This is because the platform, once exclusive to Tegra-based devices, is now available for select Android devices that do not have a Tegra chipset inside.


Pocket Gems goes into mobile publishing, launches three games onto Google Play

Pocket Gems have been developing games for mobile for awhile now strictly for iOS until recently when they finally branched out onto Android as well. Late last week the company announced it was getting into mobile game publishing as well, similar to what other companies like Gamevil are doing, with publishing 3rd party mobile games. Their first partner game has arrived on Google Play called Chasing Yello.


Survivalcraft Review: A ramped up, scarier version of Minecraft

You know, I’m not normally a fan of rehashed clone games. The fact is that any gamer who has spent more than a dozen hours online knows that feeling when he or she sees yet another game that uses mechanics or designs that we’ve all seen a hundred times before. So, when I stumbled across Survivalcraft, an obvious clone of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, I was hesitant. I’ve also learned that a game can look like another yet be its very own creation, so I bought it and started the download. In the notes about the game, the developer literally gives credit to Minecraft and asks players to purchase it, so that gave me more confidence. After all, I’ve read a lot of player-written stories that are based in official lore or viewed wonderful fan art, all of it based on somebody else’s creation.


Nexon brings its Dungeon Fighter franchise to Android with Dungeon Fighter Gunner

Nexon has brought another one of their online PC games to mobile, minus the online part that is. Dungeon Fighter Gunner has arrived on the Google Play store and is the first mobile addition to the Dungeon Fighter franchise which even features an online game for PC gamers to play. This particular game though is a completely new story while bringing all of the action from the online game to mobile.


nVidia’s Tegra 4 “Wayne” chipset stats leaked, comes with five Cortex A-15 cores

Usually around this time we’ve already started hearing about the next version of the Tegra series of chipsets slated to arrive from nVidia. While the roadmap was leaked some time ago with Tegra 4, codenamed Wayne, arriving by the end of this year. Considering that there must have been a delay in the plans, we are just now getting information about Tegra 4 which means we could very well likely see it announced at CES 2013.


New free-to-play cross-platform FPS called UberStrike sneaks onto Google Play

A few days ago, a new free-to-play first-person shooter by Cmune quietly made its way to Google Play for all the Android FPS lovers out there to enjoy. It is an online multiplayer shooter that claims to have over 8 million players playing worldwide on PC. UberStrike allows for cross-platform play between Android, iOS and PC, and it boasts some good (if somewhat raw at the moment) graphics. On the splash screen, there is the nVidia Tegra logo, but we cannot confirm for now if this is actually an officially sanctioned Tegra game or not.