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Sony holds an Xperia exclusive sale on games for a limited time

Not one to be left out of the holiday sale rush, Sony has put up a few games for sale that are exclusive to their Xperia line of devices. So if you don’t have an Xperia device, you won’t be able to take advantage of this sale. Luckily there are still plenty of sales out there for you to enjoy if you don’t have an Xperia device.

If you do own an Xperia device, you now have seven games available on sale for $0.99 and another three games available for free with an addition one coming soon. Here is the list for all the Xperia exclusive games on sale right now:

$0.99 Games:
Space Trooper USA (Xperia PLAY Optimized)

Knight of the Earthends (Xperia PLAY Optimized)

Santa Rockstar

Mini Motor Racing (Xperia PLAY Optimized)

Gunman Clive (Xperia PLAY Optimized)

MegaCity (Xperia PLAY Optimized)

Air Navy Fighter (Xperia PLAY Optimized)

Free Games:
Offroad Legends (Xperia PLAY Optimized)


Lode Runner (Xperia PLAY Optimized)

– City of Secrets (Coming soon)

So if you are looking for some new games that happen to be on sale and Xperia Play optimized, now you have a good selection to choose from. Same goes for anyone who owns an Xperia Android phone.

Developer Website: Sony

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