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Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery finally arrives by itself on Google Play

One of the games that happened to be in the recent Humble Bundle 4 for Android has finally made it onto the Google Play store on its own now. Developed by Capybara Games, Superbrothers Swords & Sworcery is now available to give you a visual and audio adventure straight from your Android phone without having had to buy the Humble Bundle 4 for Android.

This particular game is a bit of a strange one but in a good way. Superbrothers Swords & Sworcery is an action adventure game that focuses on audio and visual elements to entice you to interact with the game and progress the storyline. You’ll be battling it out in a fantastical land with strange creatures where you can use your sword or your sworcery to battle or solve puzzles.

This is a pretty unique game and one that really is hard to describe. Essentially it is a point-and-click adventure game where you have to complete the errand your little wandering warrior is on. The best way to figure out what exactly this game is, is to just experience it for yourself. You can do this by downloading Superbrothers Swords & Sworcery off of Google Play for $2.99 which is the sale price to celebrate the game’s launch.

Thanks to James N. for the tip!

Google Play Link: Superbrothers Swords & Sworcery

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