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Zombie Driver THD goes 75% off to celebrate major update

Back when we reviewed Zombie Driver THD a couple of months ago, we made it clear that the game was held back by ridiculous touchscreen controls. Well, it wasn’t just us, as a lot of the reviews on the game’s Play Store listing echoed a similar sentiment.

Thankfully, the developers have listened and realized that this was a major problem holding the game back and as such have issued a pretty huge update to the game. The touchscreen controls have been vastly improved to the point that they are now playable, and the car handling is better too. Other fixes include eradicating gamepad mapping issues, improved stability and better voice overs.

To celebrate the update as well as the holiday season, the guys at Exor Studios have dropped the price of the game by 75%. That’s a pretty deep discount. Previously, it went for $6.99 but you can now get it for $1.75. If you had been wary of this game before, there’s no reason to not get it now.

Google Play Link: Zombie Driver THD

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