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Shadowgun: Deadzone gets a big update, Dead Trigger now on Amazon for the Kindle Fire

Lots of news coming out of Madfinger Games today in regards to two of their games, Shadowgun: Deadzone and Dead Trigger. To start off, we will cover the quick news that Dead Trigger is now available on the Amazon AppStore for Kindle Fire owners to enjoy. If you happen to own a Kindle Fire, you can hope on over to the Amazon AppStore and pick up Dead Trigger for the low cost of free.

Now on to the Shadowgun: Deadzone update information which is rather important for all players to read. If you currently play Shadowgun: Deadzone, you will not be able to play the game anymore until you update to this new version of the game. Also, due to the fixes Madfinger Games has done to the Research menu, all Research items players have gotten will be reset to their original settings.

Other notable features regarding this update include two new maps, new weapons, Gangs (basically clans), Player rank increase to 50 and more. Below is the full changelog for this update:

New Features:
– Two New Maps
– New Weapons Upgrades
– Chat in Main Menu
– Gangs (Play with Friends)
– New Hats
– Rewards for finishing Zone Control or DeathMatch
– Player Rank increased up to 50 now

GamePlay Tweaks:
– Redesigned Weapons Stats
– Weapons&Gadgets Are Limited by Ranks

Bug Fixing:
– Improved Hit Detection
– Fixed VoiceChat
– Fixed Network Code
– Renderer Optimization
– Fixed Wall Exploits in Several Levels

There are more changes though, and all these comprise of making the game more “freemium-ish”. Now, there’s daily rewards, a casino, the amount of cash earned in-game has been halved, cash can be bought via IAP bundles or by trading in gold, certain upgrade paths are exclusive to premium users and a couple of previously free skins are now only available to premium players. So a pretty big update for Shadowgun: Deadzone which you need to download before you can continue playing the game.

Google Play Link: Shadowgun: Deadzone

Amazon Market Link: Dead Trigger

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