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Holidays are wrapping up, what did you get this year?

The trees were lit and houses decorated in lights, presents opened and Android devices given to children and adults alike. Christmas is over for everyone and boxing is today if you’re in Canada so good luck to everyone dealing with the crowds in the stores up there. While it is all about the spirit of giving, let’s be real, we love to get stuff as well.

What was surely a big season for the gaming industry in general, it is always interesting to see what people get for Christmas. So, what did everyone get for Christmas this year? A new shiny Android phone or tablet perhaps? If you got a new Android device for Christmas, let us know in the comments below what it is and what games you’ve already stocked up on with your new Android device.

Get anything else really cool for Christmas? Let us know about it as well, especially if it is gaming related! we mentioned yesterday that we have surprises and other stuff for everyone over the next few days as well so don’t go too far. By the way, say hello to our new official logo… what could that possibly mean if we have a new logo?

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