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[Updated] HyperDevBox unleashes their mech shooter sequel called ExZeus 2 for high-end Android devices

One of the first real mech-style arcade shooter games to land on Android was a game called ExZeus from HyperDevBox. This game featured some pretty impressive visuals for the time as well as some pretty hectic and enjoyable gameplay. Not too long ago we found out that a sequel was in the works, appropriately named ExZeus 2. Well that sequel is now available on Google Play and features console quality visuals and even more hectic shooting gameplay.

There is a storyline to this game where in this sequel everything takes place after the original ExZeus game. When the original game ended, peace was brought to the land but as with all series of games, a new enemy has arisen and is once again threatening the land and its current state of peace. However, you won’t be flying the same mech from the original game. Instead you’ll be flying a new mech that was created out of the old mechs called Minos.

ExZeus 2 Features:

・ Amazing 3D graphics and Sound.
・ Impressive super attacks.
・ New elements of gameplay: shoot enemies in the air or fight them on the ground in close combat sequences.
・ Earn experience points based on your skills.
・ Upgrade and customize your own robot.
・ Gyro, Virtual Pad and External USB Controller .
・ Online ranking.
・ Realtime Worldwide Leaderboard.
・ Optimized for NVIDIA® Tegra™ devices.

When we reported on ExZeus 2 heading our way, it was labeled as a Tegra-based release and it seems to what they have decided to go with for this launch. Other high-end non-Tegra devices might be able to access this game as it says at the bottom of the listing that having a Tegra device is recommended. This implies that you could have a non-Tegra high-end device and still play this game although out of all the non-Tegra devices we have laying around here, none are compatible.

So we don’t know if the initial release is strictly Tegra exclusive and HyperDevBox plans on releasing an update for other devices in the future or if it will just stay this way. However, if you have a Tegra-based device right now, you can pick up ExZeus 2 for a mere $3.99 which is a pretty solid price for a shooter of his quality.

Update: Dec. 27th, 2012, 7:17am: A quick update to let everyone know that ExZeus 2 looks to be available for non-Tegra Android devices after a small update. Thanks to everyone in the comments for keeping an eye on it!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Google Play Link: ExZeus 2

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