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SteelSeries brings another option for mobile gamers called the Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls

For those of you out there who may not really want to carry a controller around with you but still happen to want something a little more tactile to use for your controls when playing games on your Android device, SteelSeries has a new suction-style setup called the Free Touchscreen Gaming Controls which happen to be available on their web store for purchase.

Essentially you will be buying a D-Pad and three buttons that will suction onto your Android phone or tablet, providing you with some tactile controls while not having to be an entire controller that resides in your pocket and needing Bluetooth to connect to your device. Of course the use of these little suction gaming controls is limited to games using D-Pads or virtual joysticks and no more than three buttons. Luckily, there are plenty of games that fall into this category.

So should you be in the market for some gaming controls that are not actually a game controller, you might want to check these out. If you snap up a set, it will cost you $19.99 through SteelSeries’ Web store.

Official Website: SteelSeries Free Touchscreen Controls

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