Day: 27 December 2012


Cubles has arrived with its easy to learn gameplay but challenging puzzles

It seems like today we have been talking about a lot of puzzle games whether they be hybrid titles like puzzle platformer or a straight up puzzle game. Cubles is an arcade puzzle game where you have to find and select blocks of the same color that are connected at the corners. While this is relatively easy at first, things get a lot more complicated when bombs and other hazards arrive.


Google announces their list of the top 12 games of 2012

So Google has made a list of the top 12 games that were released onto Google Play over the past year and there are some interesting titles they have picked. The games selected stretch across most genres and while some of their picks seem spot on, others are a bit of a surprised which leads us to ask the question as to whether or not you agree with their picks or if not then what ones would you switch out and with what game.


Killer Escape has you put in a dark dank cell by a serial killer

Psionic Games have released a new point and click adventure escape game called Killer Escape. As you may have guessed from the title, you awaken in a dark dank cell in which a serial killer has put you there, most likely in order to kill you at a later time. With that being your final fate if you don’t do anything, you are off to figure out how to escape from this cell and hopefully to freedom.