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Another game vanishes from Google Play, this time its Sega’s Fallen Realms

Back in October of this year we reported on Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders games vanishing from the Google Play store. Later that day Trendy Entertainment confirmed that they had pulled both games from Google Play but never specified why, just that it would be back at some point. It’s now the end of December and checking the forum thread regarding this on the Dungeon Defenders‘ website show no new information on when it will come back. The copies on Amazon’s AppStore have also been pulled. Another game however has been yanked and this time it’s Sega’s Fallen Realm.

We really aren’t sure when this game went poof from the Google Play store but now that we think about it, we haven’t noticed it there for some time. As far as we know, Sega hasn’t mentioned anything as to why their Fallen Realms RPG has been pulled and when, if at all, it will come back. In fact the game has been pulled from Sega’s website as well.

The last time we reported on Fallen Realms it was back in February 2012 for it’s Valentine’s Day update it received so at some point after that Fallen Realms disappeared. If you happen to know why, let us know in the comments below. We are going to contact Sega and see if the game will be coming back at some point.

Thanks to Matthew B. for the tip!

Developer Website: Sega

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