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Mika Mobile could be giving Android a 2nd chance with Battleheart sequel

Many people remember the day when Mika Mobile finally made the announcement that they would not be developing for Android anymore which left their games Zombieland USA and Battleheart in limbo in terms of future update, something that the iOS versions have gotten regularly. Well that all looks to be changing as Mika Mobile could be giving Android a second chance with their upcoming Battleheart sequel which is currently in development.

This sequel has been in development for almost a year and it still have a lot of work needing to be done to it but Mika Mobile is taking special care while developing this game in order to avoid the pitfalls they experienced with the original Battleheart game in regards to posting updates for it on Android.

While this isn’t a 100% guarantee that Mika Mobile or the Battleheart sequel will make it to Android, it is good news as the game is being developed with bringing it to Android in mind. As for when we can expect this game to arrive on Google Play, Mika Mobile doesn’t have a time frame just yet as there is still plenty of work to do.

For those of you hoping that the original Battleheart will get update to match the version on iOS, don’t be expecting that to happen anytime soon. The way the game was developed and certain restrictions Google Play has on file size downloads has made it too difficult for Mika Mobile to update properly and efficiently. Mika Mobile is just moving forward and working on the sequel which they want to bring to Android.

Thanks to Peer L. on twitter for the tip!

Developer Website: Mika Mobile

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