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Have an old Game Boy laying around? Convert it into an Android gamepad

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project that you can undertake with little more than old stuff you might have laying around the house? For those of you who have been mobile gaming since the days of the original Game Boy and now have jumped to Android in this more recent era, this little project might be right up your alley if you still have that old Game Boy sitting around the house.

One crafty guy has taken his old Game Boy and converted it into a functioning Android gamepad, complete with the ability to actually hold your phone in the Game Boy itself albeit in a horizontal position. You’ll also need a WiiMote that you don’t want anymore and the Wii Controller IME app off of Google Play to pull this off.

After you’ve combined all of these together you will have a Game Boy that will hold your phone and function as a gamepad. You’ll have to size the phone holder to whatever phone you happen to own and in the video above Chad Boughton is using a Galaxy Nexus. You will also have to have no fear in getting your hands a little dirty with the wires of the WiiMote as you will be rewiring the buttons of the WiiMote to the ones on the Game Boy.

For those of you looking for a tutorial on how to build this, there isn’t one right now but Chad is currently working on putting a video tutorial together which should be up on his YouTube channel fairly soon. In the meantime you are free to give this a whirl yourself or you can buy one of the few pre-made ones Chad has put up on eBay if you have a couple of hundred dollars laying around you don’t need.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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