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EA releases a new developer diary video for Real Racing 3

It has been a few months since EA released a video of any kind relating to their upcoming racing game Real Racing 3. To re-stoke your interest back into the game, EA has released a new developer diary showing off more of the game, this time specifically taking a look at the tracks players will be racing on.

┬áIn this second developer’s diary for Real Racing 3 some of the developers from Firemonkeys talk about the actual race tracks and how the process works for recreating the real courses in the game itself. This gives us a sneak peek at some of the actual environments and tracks that will be coming with the game.

For people eagerly awaiting the arrival of Real Racing 3 on Android, you can rest easy knowing it will be arriving for iOS first with Android getting the game shortly afterwards. Right now iOS is slated to get Real Racing 3 sometime in the later part of February 2013.

Developer Website: Electronic Arts

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