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Arcane Legends’ new update brings Capture the Flag PvP arena to the game

Spacetime Studios’ newest MMORPG, Arcane Legends, has gotten an update today that brings with it a new Player vs Player feature. This new PvP feature is a team battle style arena for a Capture the Flag match where teams of four players with go up against other teams of four players to see who can get the most flag captures.

The Capture the Flag matches are going to be very intense as the winning team is the first to get to 5 flag captures. Along with this new arenas are new corresponding Achievements and Titles to earn and a whole new leaderboard as well.

Also on the way in the next update is another expansion for Arcane Legends which will be set on the high seas with pirates, new content, new loot and a level cap increase. The increase will be like the last update adding 5 addition levels for your character to gain. This expansion is slated for release in February 2013. For now though, enjoy the new PvP arena.

Google Play Link: Arcane Legends

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