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Critically-acclaimed shmup Ikaruga now available for everyone to enjoy

Back in December of last year we talked about the critically-acclaimed shmup Ikaruga and the fact that it had appeared on Google Play albeit for residents of Japan only at the time. Well the popular Xbox Live Arcade shooter is now available for everyone to download, not just residents of Japan.

Ikaruga is a challenging and fast-paced game that utilizes the color polarity mechanic – your ship has to be of the same color as the incoming bullets or else you die. We’ve seen similar mechanics in a few other games like Polaris. If you are the same color as the plethora of bullets coming at you, your shield will absorb them. However, bullets of another color won’t be absorbed.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long for Ikaruga to arrive for the worldwide audience to enjoy. If you’re a fan of bullet hell shmups, you can download one of the best off of Google Play now for $9.00. The price is a bit hefty but it is worth it if you love these types of games.

Google Play Link: Ikaruga

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