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Imangi Studios finally unleashes Temple Run 2 onto Google Play

The moment all of you Temple Run fans out there have been waiting for since word got out last week that a sequel was on the way has finally arrived. Imangi Studios has released Temple Run 2 right on time onto Google Play and considering this game is just as popular on Android as it is on iOS, we should see download numbers similar to what the iOS launch pulled in with around 20 million download in four days.

For those of you who missed our original article on Temple Run 2, this sequel expands quite a bit over the original game with an additional three character you can play as, a variety of ew environments such as more forests, cliffs and mines on top of the existing ruins and forests from the original. The graphics have also been overhauled to look better and there are a few new game mechanics introduced into Temple Run 2 such as Zip lines and Mine carts.

Temple Run 2 Features:

– Beautiful new graphics
– Gorgeous new organic environments
– New obstacles
– More powerups
– More achievements
– Special powers for each character
– Bigger monkey!!!

Speaking of new features, Temple Run 2 also have new obstacles, power-ups and achievements to earn. On top of that, with the new characters now in the game, each one has ‘special powers’ to how you survive longer in this game.

If you’re a fan of Temple Run and have been waiting for the sequel to arrive, you can pick it up off of Google Play or the Amazon AppStore for free. Check out the video below to see the game in action.

Google Play Link: Temple Run 2

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