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Glu Mobile announces Gun Bros 2 by releasing a trailer for it

Glu Mobile has just announced that a sequel to their rather popular top-down arcade shooter Gun Bros will be arriving soon on Google Play. Appropriately named Gun Bros 2, Glu Mobile has decided to announce this sequel by releasing a cinematic trailer for this upcoming game.

While the trailer doesn’t show any of the gameplay that will be arriving when Gun Bros 2 is released, it does go over some of the characters and future enemies that you’ll be shooting in the face relentlessly with a plethora of weapons.

Unfortunately we don’t have any other details about Gun Bros 2 just yet but Glu Mobile is planning on releasing additional details in the coming weeks. We are pretty sure though that it will come with multiplayer at launch this time. When they do we will be sure to post an update.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

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