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PSA: Zhuang Qian Hua a.k.a apkdeveloper is back, avoid download these games

Back in late December of last year we posted a PSA (Public Service Announcement) regarding a developer going by the name of ‘apkdeveloper’ who was ripping off people’s games and apps and re-uploading as their own but layered with ads and god only knows what else. Well shortly after that article and a few other sites posted about it, apkdeveloper was shut down on Google Play. Unfortunately they are back under a new name.

Instead of going by apkdeveloper on Google Play though, they are now using the name Zhuang Qian Hua as their developer name on Google Play. Regardless of the new name change, they are back to their old tricks of ripping other people’s work off, copying images and descriptions and re-uploading it as their own, layered in ads and most likely malware. We know it’s the same person due to how they titled their uploads, all ending with the word ‘Super’, just like apkdeveloper did.

Right now there is a staggering seven pages of ripped off games and applications that this person has uploaded as their own on Google Play. Just like the last time this happen, we encourage everyone to report this person which you can do by going through the appropriate support page here. If for whatever reason you did end up downloading any of this person’s games or apps, be sure to check your phone out with a program like Lookout Security to make sure everything is fine.

If you are ever unsure about something you want to download, there are a few easy steps to take in order to make sure what you’re downloading it legit:

1) Check the reviews

2) Google the developer and the game – Almost all developers will have at least some sort of blog

3) Check various Android sites like ours and other reputable Android sites to see if the developer listed on the Google Play listing is the real one. Sometimes companies do have multiple accounts which is something we like to state here when talking about their games. A prime example is Square Enix who actually has two accounts on Google Play.

Let’s make sure this person gets shut down once again by reporting them to Google.

Website Referenced: Android Police G+

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