Day: 31 January 2013


Enter for your chance to win one of three SteelSeries Free game controllers and Flux Luxury Edition headsets

It’s about that time to start yet another giveaway and the prizes just keep growing in size. Today we are going to give away three sets of SteelSeries Free mobile gaming controllers and SteelSeries Flux Luxury Edition headsets. Both of these are snazzy pieces of gear to help you game while on the go on your Android device. Also one lucky winner will snag a black DroidGamers T-Shirt.


Elder Sign: Omens Review – Still good, still end-of-the-worldish

It’s hard to describe exactly what Elder Sign: Omens is about. It’s basically a board game in which you and a group of adventurers — either NPC or ones controlled by friends — attempt to solve mysteries before you go mad. Really, if you are familiar with Lovecraft and all of that mumbo jumbo about crazy gods and the end of the world (which I am not) then you will know what I’m talking about.


Namco brings you back to the arcade days with Galaga Special Edition

A couple of weeks ago Namco once again got all nostalgic on us with the release of a new game that many of us are familiar with… Galaga. As one of the earliest space-themed arcade shooters, many of us drop plenty of quarters into them in the hope of getting the high score on that particular machine. One of the best features was when you were able to use two ships at once. Ahhh the memories…


Adhesive Games and nVidia team up to tease us with a Hawken live wallpaper

During CES 2013 and nVidia’s press conference, one of the games demoed on their upcoming Project Shield Android handheld gaming system was the Mech themed MMOFPS game Hawken by Adhesive Games. Well the two companies have teamed up once again only this time it isn’t to demo Hawken playing on Project Shield like before but instead to tease us a little more by releasing a Hawken Live Wallpaper.