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Angry Birds Star Wars ‘Escape from Hoth’ update now available for download

A couple of days ago we posted about Rovio teasing a new update for Angry Birds Star Wars which would be heading our way soon. Well ‘soon’ came rather quickly as this new update is now live on Google Play and available for download. Interestingly enough we didn’t think it would be named Escape from Hoth but it ended up being the official name for this update.

So what can you expect to find in this new update? Taking place in a nearby asteroid belt the pigtroopers have taken cover in, you will have to play through 20 new levels against the evil pigs. Additionally there are two bonus levels for you unlock as well. You will also have to watch out for ‘mynock pigs’ within the asteroid field and if you get through all the levels you will be confronted with a boss fight at the end.

If you haven’t snatched up the new Escape from Hoth update for Angry Birds Star Wars you can do so at any time as the update is now live.

Google Play Link: Angry Birds Star Wars

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