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Five Kairosoft games we would like to see get translated

There are plenty of us out there who are fans of the games Kairosoft puts out onto Google Play, having sunk many hours into creating the best game development studio or trying to make our village the home of many adventurers. With that said, here are some of the games we hope to see arrive in English in the near future.

Publications Office Friendship

From a small publishing house in the corner of town your goal is to make your Newspaper or Magazine publication the number one in town. You take on the responsibility of growing your publication by Interviewing residents, talking with public officials, and promoting town events. You can help affect the town growth with your articles which will attract new shops and residents to move to the town. It’s all about the circulation in this magazine editorial department simulation game.

The Creation Patissier

In your cute pastry shop you labor away at creating candy, pudding, cakes, and of course pastry. As the manager you get to enter into competitions to see who has the tastiest and best looking deserts. Work hard and you can discover new types of deserts to create as well as tweak the ingredients for better tasting food. The better the sweets the better your reputation will grow and the more customer satisfaction you will earn helping to make you the most popular restaurant in the world!  

Animation Studio Story

In the room of and old building lies a small animation company, your small animation company. As manager of the studio you get to help create new shows and advertising campaigns. Broadcast on the air and secure the rights of your shows to be aired on better networks. Some of these shows might spawn a hit character that you can commercialize on. Change the contents of a show or try shooting at different stage environments for different audiences. Create a work environment where you can provide education to your employees and teach them new skills to help them expand their creativity for better show content. Your goal is to produce a hit show that will win you a “Demi” award for best anime.

Club Game Room

Ever want to run your own arcade gaming center? This game will let you do just that management and grow your gaming center. You get to decide what games you want to buy and where the best place to put them in the room. Want a fighting game, or a racing game in this corner? Should you put a Crane machine in for kids to win stuffed animals or hold gaming tournaments to attract more of an audience. The more popular a game the more money it brings in and the more people want to stay and play in your shop. Try and see if you can create a 5 star gaming center help become the number one gaming center.

Battle! Ninja village

Your remote ninja village was peaceful until the Shogunate unification day was reversed. Now you must train your villagers in the way of the Shinobi. Starting with an army only a small footmen,  you get to research new technologies while defeating the Samurai lords. Grow your army with new units as cavalry units, archers and gunmen. Make sure to manage your villages because they gather your resources and make new items. Use the resources you gather to trade for money. Use the money to buy equipment and train the soldiers. Use the soldiers to end the suffering. Only you can unify the feudal lords by conquering them.

Keep in mind that the names of these games could very well change if/when they are released in English. There are plenty of other games by Kairosoft that look entertaining as well but these are the five titles we are looking forward to the most.

Developer Website: Kairosoft (Japanese)

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