Day: 1 February 2013


Enter to win a 16GB Nexus 7 tablet during our week long celebration

It is time for yet another giveaway and just like all the previous ones before this, the prizes are getting bigger and bigger. Today’s giveaway comes from us teaming up with nVidia to give one lucky reader of our site a brand new shiny 16GB Nexus 7 Android tablet. Just like all the other giveaways this week, you really don’t have to do a whole lot in order to earn a chance to win this tablet.


Epic Devs working on trying to get Epic Pirate Story out by February

Epic Devs LLC. are about to unleash their first game and its a Pixal Art game based on Pirates! You will be playing as a pirate and will have to manage your crew and explore islands for treasures while fighting off other pirates and monsters. There looks to be a building aspect to the game as well where you help create different buildings for your Pirate Haven which you can use a a base of operations for resting and regaining lost energy.


Friday Lunchtime Humor: Samsung’s Superbowl commercial is pure win

The Superbowl is only a couple of days away and already we are able to check out a lot of the commercials that will be aired during the game. For those of you not familiar with the Superbowl tradition when it comes to commercials, most companies that can afford to air a commercial during the football game spend millions of dollars to make the best, and usually the funniest, commercial for the whole year.


Paramount releases an official Star Trek companion app for upcoming movie

Paramount Digital Entertainment have released a new companion app for their upcoming Star Trek movie. Simply called the Star Trek App, this application will let you join Starfleet as one of the characters from the Star Trek universe and begin to work on rising them up in the ranks of Starfleet through various activities. You’ll also be treated to exclusive content regarding the upcoming movie that you can unlock and even win prizes.


Rovio earns fans ire with latest update to Angry Birds: Star Wars HD

Ever since the first day, the pause menu in Angry Birds: Star Wars HD contained a couple of ads for Rovio’s other games. Considering this was a paid game costing $2.99, the presence of the ads was baffling, irrespective of whether the ads were only for Rovio’s other titles. However, users could turn off the ads by tapping a button in the in-game menu, so a large-scale protest never materialized.