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Gamevil releases the next episode in Cartoon Wars called Blade

Fans of the Cartoon Wars series from Gamevil have a new episode to dive into today called Cartoon Wars: Blade. This particular game takes place 10 years after the initial Cartoon Wars game where this time it is all about a lone warrior who has set of to find adventure and unveil the secrets of lands far away.

According to Gamevil, Cartoon Wars: Blade has an unlimited amount on levels. This is because you continue to unlock more monsters and levels as you progress through the game and even playing the same level twice wouldn’t actually be playing the same level twice due to the new monsters you’ve unlocked.

No good warrior would be without a plethora of weaponry and so it is the same here with Cartoon Wars: Blade. You warrior will be able to upgrade weapons on a continuous basis and even dual-wield some of them at times. There’s also plenty of humorous but functional helmets to get and use as well.

Cartoon Wars: Blade is available off of the Google Play store for free should you be willing to dive into the unknown land of drawn cartoon combat.

Google Play Link: Cartoon Wars: Blade

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