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Hands-on gameplay preview of EA’s upcoming Real Racing 3 game

So we have seen a couple of trailers, a few developer diary videos and a variety of screenshots regarding EA’s upcoming Real Racing 3 game. We’ve also been hit with the news that Real Racing 3 will be a free-to-play game where players will be able to buy the game’s secondary currency, Gold Coins, in order to speed up vehicle repair and upgrade times.

The only problem with the trailers and developer diary videos is that a lot of the time, even though it is in-game footage, it is usually the best looking footage. A company isn’t going to put out someone driving in-game, crashing into cars and swerving all over the place, looking like we barely passed the test for our learner’s permit let alone being able to drive high performance race cars. However, we will happily post stuff like that and so here is some early hands-on gameplay from Real Racing 3.

Needless to say with how the repair system works, repairs on this car after the race will take a few moments… like hours. Such is the life of a pro driver though. So there is some in-game footage of actual, untouched, gameplay from Real Racing 3. Stay tuned as we will bring more footage from different tracks over the coming days.

Developer Website: EA

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