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Need for Speed: Most Wanted shown off on nVidia’s Project Shield

Another week and another blog post from the folks over at nVidia regarding their upcoming Android-powered handheld gaming system Project Shield. Previously we’ve seen Real Boxing running on Project Shield, which was last week, and the week before was Borderlands 2. This week the new game being shown off is Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Just to be clear, this is not the Android version of the game being player on Project Shield but the PC version of the game being streamed over to Project Shield. Games that can be played on Project Shield can be streamed from your PC, whether it is an installed PC game or through Steam, and onto Project Shield for you to play them on. While this feature is currently limited to home-based streaming, eventually once nVidia’s GRID starts going full force you will be able to play full Triple-A titles via the cloud anytime on this device.

As you can see in the video above, Need for Speed: Most Wanted looks pretty slick on Project Shield and plays smoothly. nVidia plans to release a new video each week showing off a game running on Project Shield so we should expect another video to arrive next week.

Website Referenced: nVidia’s blog

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