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Whispering Willows lands on Kickstarter for additional funding

We’ve talked a couple of times about this game already in the recent past, between plans for Whispering Willows to come to Android and it being nominated for three category awards in Killscreen’s OUYA CREATE challenge, and now we get to mention the game once more but this time it’s about the fact that it has hit up Kickstarter for funding.

Unlike a lot of Kickstarter campaigns for games, where the games don’t exist just yet usually, Whispering Willows is already well under way in terms of development and even has a web-based demo (requires the Unity3D browser plug-in) you can play. In fact the game will be released whether or not this Kickstarter campaign is successful, with the OUYA version arriving first, then the Android version shortly afterwards.

What this Kickstarter campaign is for is to get the game finished sooner rather then later. The funding will be used to bring on their artists full time which will speed up the development as well as offering up the best product that they can since these people can concentrate solely on the game’s development instead of working full time jobs and only being able to work on the game in their spare time.

For those of you who are not familiar with Whispering Willows, this game is a horror adventure-puzzle title follows the story of Elena who is trying to solve the mysteries surrounding Willow Mansion. This is done in a rather unique way as you will be controlling Elena, as well as her astral projection, and interact with ghosts in order to try to solve puzzles throughout the mansion which will inevitably reveal the secrets of Willow Mansion.

You can read deeper into the details of the game and the back story over on the game’s Kickstarter campaign. Night Light Interactive is looking for $15,000 in funding and at the time of writing this, they already have $1,339 towards reaching their goal with 30 days to go still. You can check out their pitch video above as well as a new gameplay video below.

Official Website: Whispering Willows Kickstarter

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