Day: February 13, 2013

Game News

Valve apparently laying off several employees affecting hardware and Android development

Information is beginning to surface today over possible layoffs at Valve who are the developers of the Half-Life franchise and Steam. Details right now are pretty scarce as to what is going on and regarding the number of employees let go as of Tuesday morning. While the number of staff who have been laid off is currently unknown, some terms describing the situation being thrown around include “great cleansing” and “large decisions.”

Game News

Wordsplosion – A new explosive rapid-fire word game for your Android device

What do you get when you combine a word game with hangman? You get Wordsplosion. Wordsplosion is a new word game for Android where your goal is to solve a five letter word with only the first letter to start with. The clock ticks down as you guess letters and you have five tries to get it right. If you fail to solve the word within those five guess, or you run out of time a Wordsplosion will be the result.

Game News

EA to release first ever freemium Tetris game onto mobile soon

If you aren’t already agitated at the news that Real Racing 3 will be a free-to-play game when it lands on Android on February 28th, 2013 then maybe this will push you there finally. EA is planning to release the first ever freemium Tetris game onto Android and iOS this Spring. This Tetris game will officially be called Tetris Blitz which EA is saying will off a new twist to the original game mechanics.