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EA to release first ever freemium Tetris game onto mobile soon

If you aren’t already agitated at the news that Real Racing 3 will be a free-to-play game when it lands on Android on February 28th, 2013 then maybe this will push you there finally. EA is planning to release the first ever freemium Tetris game onto Android and iOS this Spring. This Tetris game will officially be called Tetris Blitz which EA is saying will off a new twist to the original game mechanics.

What that really means is that they have modified how the game plays in order to use the freemium business model, or at least that is how we’re taking it. As the new game suggests, Tetris Blitz is a race against time style of Tetris, with players having 2 minutes to clear as many lines as possible before time runs out.

Clearing multiple lines back-to-back, activating a special Frenzy mode that’s full of cascading blocks, helpful multipliers and using power-ups will all go towards you increasing your score as high as possible within those 2 minutes. Those power-ups will constantly be changing and will be refreshed each week with new power-ups to keep things fresh.

Tetris Blitz wraps all of the best elements of the iconic Tetris game inside a bite-sized, frenzied experience that is perfect for smartphones and tablets. The crisp graphics, innovative new controls, and social leaderboards are bound to make Tetris Blitz a captivating gaming experience for longtime Tetris fans and newcomers alike. – Nick Earl, SVP and GM of EA’s All Play label

While actual details on how the freemium business model will be incorporated into this new game, we’re guessing it will be in regards to buying more of said power-ups. Tetris Blitz will arrive on Google Play and Amazon’s AppStore sometime this Spring and will be available to download for free. All rage can be directed towards the comment section below.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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