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Here’s a list of games currently on sale for Valentine’s Day

It’s a special day today and every time there is any sort of special day you can count on one thing when it comes to Android games, there are always sales going on. So far we have reported on Herocraft who has put up three games for sale for $0.99. Well there is plenty more sales out there for you to take advantage of so here is a list of games discounted for today.

A few of these games have been on sale for the past day or two, with some companies having started their Valentine’s Day sales a few days early. Still, a lot f these games have been discounted down to $0.99 so you could potentially be saving quite a few bucks while stocking up on some good games.

Here’s a running list of games on sale on Google Play. Just click on their names to head over to their Google Play listing to pick up a copy.

Karoshi by YoYo Games: $0.99

Pollushot by YoYo Games: $0.99

Reflexions by YoYo Games: $0.99

They Need To Be Fed by YoYo Games: $0.99

The Game of Life by EA: $1.99 (International Version)

Monopoly by EA: $1.99 (International Version)

Bejeweled 2 by EA: $0.99 (International Version)

Need for Speed Shift by EA: $2.99 (International Version)

NBA Jam by EA: $2.99 (International Version)

Gunslugs by OrangePixel: $1.49

NBA 2K13 by 2K Games: $2.99

Jet Set Radio by SEGA: $0.99

CosmicPatrol by Plasmobit: $1.92

The Great Fusion by Loading Home: $1.49

Asteroid 2012 3D by m-spacemedia: $0.99

Puddle THD by Neko Entertainment: $0.99 (Tegra 3 only)

Anomaly Korea by 11 Bit Studios: $1.99

We will continue to update this list as we find out about my games, and some apps, that happen to go on sale. If you spot any that we have missed, let us know in the comments below and we will add them to the list so everyone can take advantage of the sales going on.

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