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Pirates, Plunder and Player vs. Player coming soon in Raft Pirates

For those of you out there that like pirates themed games there is a new game releasing soon by the developer Big Blue Bubble and 6waves. If the developer 6waves sounds familiar its because they released Strike Fleet Omega and Offworld. This game places you in the role of a sea captain that must build a raft in order to seek out resources and weapons.

With different structures to build you can customize your raft and your pirate crew. Along the way you will encounter enemy ships and other players that are also looking for glory and precious resources to plunder. Raft Pirates is also supposed to support a fluid playing field that changes in real time and other real players for you to combat.

Raft Pirates is tentatively releasing on February 21st so you only have to wait a few more days. There is no news on what Raft Pirates will cost but if it is similar to some of their other games than expect it to be free with in-app-purchases as an option.

Developer Website: 6waves

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