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PlayJam’s GameStick global pre-orders now live for $79, dock and case also available

For those of you who have decided to go a different route when it comes to Android gaming devices outside of the norm but didn’t want to buy an OUYA, PlayJam has opened up global pre-orders for their portable GameStick game console… or unconsole as some of these new Android gaming devices are now being called.

For those of you interested in pre-ordering a GameStick, it will cost you $79 and depending on where you are located, your shipping will be either $9.99 if you live in the United States or $24.99 if you’re outside of the United States. Wanting to get a couple of accessories for your future GameStick? Well PlayJam has a couple of options for you now as well.

There is a dock and a case for your GameStick you can also order now. The dock, which costs $24.99, will allow allows you to wirelessly charge the GameStick controller, add additional storage (up to 64GB), connect peripherals and power the stick. The case is just as the name suggests, a case for your GameStick, and that will set you back $9.99.

You can pre-order GameStick, along with the accessories, over on the new GameStick store website.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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