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Fly a planet sized battle station and dominate the universe in upcoming game Battle Moon 2075

There is a new Indie Game Developer on the block and that’s the Austin, Texas based company Paralarc. Paralarc was created this year and consists of a few programmers whose focus is bringing free and intense games to the Android market. Paralarc believes that even though a free game with IAP’s has proven to be a working model, they also believe that any content that can be purchased should not limit the player form having a great gaming experience and should be available to be earned through the skill of the player. To prove that Paralarcs’ first release will be an Android game called Battle Moon 2075 and it is scheduled to be released in May. 

Battle Moon 2075 is Paralarcs’ new up and coming arcade shooter. You job will be to pilot your planet sized battle fortress and dominate the five powerful factions that you face. Not much information has been released but according to the companies Facebook page you will be able to pilot this Battle Fortress using tilt controls so it seems the company will be using your devices accelerometer for movement. The game is described as a third person shooter with rumors of multiplayer support as well and should be able to compete with some of the other top name games. As this will be their first Android release we will see how their philosophy of how a freemium game that doesn’t require you to pay to win will work out. 

From what I have been able to put together Paralarc will be featuring a Kickstarter funding in March with Beta testing in April, and finally a hard release scheduled for May. I spoke with Aaron Harris, Paralarcs’ Social Coordinator, and he was able to verify that “yes, we are planning a crowd-funding project in March…(and) that we’re ready to compete in a challenging market… (we) are excited to create a successful game”. While some players don’t mind a free game with IAP’s some don’t and it will be interesting to see if Paralarc will capture both sides of the coin. If you are interested in more information on Battle Moon 2075 or want updates for when they kick off their “Crowd-funding project” you can click on the links below and checkout the companies webpage and Facebook page. 

Official Websites: Paralarc | Facebook

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