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nVidia officially announces Tegra 4i, otherwise known as Project Grey

nVidia today decided to come out an officially announce the other chipset we’ve known up to now as Project Grey. We have reported on the Tegra 4 series having two chipsets for awhile now, one being codenamed Wayne (normal Tegra 4) and the other being Grey. Well Grey is now officially known as Tegra 4i and it is nVidia’s first integrated LTE Tegra processor.

As most hardware enthusiasts know by now, Tegra 4 chips sport Cortex A-15 CPU cores but the Tegra 4i actually comes with something called the Cortex-A9 R4 which is labeled on the lovely slide below as clocking in at 2.3Ghz. According to nVidia, the Tegra 41 delivers more power than its closest competitor, the Snapdragon 800, but at half the size.

Tegra 4i Specs:

– 60 custom NVIDIA GPU cores
– Quad-core CPU based on ARM’s newest and most efficient core— the R4 Cortex-A9 CPU— plus a fifth battery saver core
– A version of the NVIDIA i500 LTE modem optimized for integration
– Chimera computational photography architecture like Tegra 4 for new HDR camera features (see attached press release)

The modem inside the Tegra 4i is the i500 LTE modem. Basically the Tegra 4i is a Tegra 4 chip with this new LTE modem integrated into it, smaller in size and using the Cortex A-9 R4 instead of the Cortex A-15’s found in the Tegra 4.

nVidia has a rather in-depth blog post regarding the Tegra 4i and i500 LTE modem for those of you who like to dig deeper into these things.

Official Website: nVidia Blog

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