Day: 20 February 2013


Watch the Sony Playstation event here live via TwitchTV

Sony is holding their event and with it comes the likely announcement of their next console, the Playstation 4. We also know that there are rumors that the Playstation 4 could offer up various features that will be remotely controlled through your smartphone and tablet which isn’t really much of a surprise considering their recent push of Playstation Mobile. So we’ve decided to put Sony’s live event here for those of you who want to watch and discuss it as it happens.


Pixowl throws a 50% discount sale for The Sandbox

Yesterday we reported on the rather in-depth sandbox game appropriately named The Sandbox from Pixowl had finally arrived onto Google Play. While some people stated that the in-game purchases were different than that of the iOS version, Pixowl did get in touch with us to let us know that they are actually the same. However, that is not why we are writing about The Sandbox today.


Square Enix releases Crystal Defenders Lite, a pay-per-stage version of the full game

It seems like Square Enix wants to dip their toes in the freemium waters and have launched a new version of their tower defense game Crystal Defenders. This new version, officially called Crystal Defenders Lite, is exactly like the original game except that it uses a pay-per-stage business model for those of you who don’t want to spend the $6.99 upfront for the full game.


Jetpack Jinx Review: Cute, fun and only slightly annoying

Jetpack Jinx is a game that we’re all familiar with. You control your cute little character as it jumps up, and up, and up and try to keep it going until he simply cannot go up anymore. The gems you collect as you rise keep you going like a sort of perpetual motion machine, but the fun often turns into frustration. Is it fun to attempt to best your own score by continually making your character jump higher and higher? Sure, in a primitive sort of way, sort of like playing with jacks or climbing a tree. The problem is that, thanks to today’s bloated market, I have no idea if this game was made for children or just for incredibly stoned adults.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 update release date and official multiplayer details

We’ve had a ton of comments over the last month in our previous articles outlining some of the upcoming features for the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update regarding when the update would actually be arriving. Well we finally have a bit more of a solid idea as to when 0.7.0 will arrive as well as a lot more details regarding the official multiplayer functionality that will arrive with this update. It isn’t exactly what you may be thinking it will be.


Upcoming Playstation 4 rumored to allow remote control using your smartphone or tablet

The race in the new console wars has begun with proponents for each side. Will the new Xbox 720 (code named Durango), or the the Playstation 4 (code named Orbis)come out on top? Right now it is anyone guess. What is a sure bet though is that both are likely to make use of your smartphone or tablet. We have already seen a glimpse of that future with the current Xbox console and its SmartGlass app.